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Tenteth By Bluerelativity by bluerelativity
10 quick sketches portraying the game characters

Frontcover Small by bluerelativity
A sketchy idea for the hypotetical front cover of the game

*the names are pretty much random, I didn't manage to name any of them yet
**I'll update this post pretty often so if you're interested just check it every now and then


The "Shoto" and her "Palette Swap"
They represent the focus of the story, the backbone of the game together with the main boss, and move-wise, they represent the all-rounders, the "shoto" of the game, the most basic characters around which all the others are built.
Fighting Style
Now, Shotokan variants wouldn't be so if they didn't have a shoryuken, or a projectile attack of some sort. But I'll tell you one, I hate when characters set in extremely realistic games (in terms of design) start shooting balls of fire and light. I hate the "there's not a plausible reason because he should be shooting those things from his hands if not magic or supernatural/spiritual reasons" factor. I just want everything to be explained, justified, to have a scientific reason behind, maybe even resulting in science fiction, but at least PLAUSIBLE.
The "Shoryuken dilemma" actually played a big part in my story writing. You'll understand why.
In a dystopical, post-war, not so remote future, females are the only individuals to run freely around the world, while the few males last are grown in cages like beasts just for reproduction matters. But not all females are free.
"Blue" and "Crimson" have been slaves for their entire life, forced like post-modern gladiators to beat to death their own kind in bloody arenas, armed with mechanical gauntlets able to shoot fire at medium distance, to make fights more spectacular and gruesome for their owners.
With great effort, they eventually manage to escape from the prison (bringing their gauntlets with them of course) and finally be able to see the sunlight they've never seen before. They discover that there's no trace of sunlight, but also an even more terrible thing: they're just inside a bigger prison.
The Citadel was made to keep out from the rest of the world the most dangerous individuals (Escape from New York ftw), being de facto an enormous self sufficient little world, from which noone could ever escape.
"Blue" and "Crimson" understand their fight is just begun. Luckily, they can count on their fighting and survival skills, as well as their gauntlets, being the only ones owning a pair in the entire Citadel. Or at least, they think so...

The female version of the "Old Man" archetype
Just like characters like Gouken and Heiachi, she's almost an "alpha version" of the main Hero aesthetically and move wise, and in the past had a path similar to the one she's actually started. Her purpose, is to teach the hero how not to make the same mistakes she did, and how to survive in the Citadel.
She was a gladiator just like "Blue", and just like her she tried to escape and succeeded, just to find herself in an even worst place.
She survived many years, helped by her fighting skills and her "kunai gauntlets" (I'll find a better name soon, promise), an ancestor of the fire gauntlets used by our main protagonists.
She's the first "good" character our heroines meet, and the first one to teach them the basic rules to survive the Citadel.
Fighting Style
Rudimental mechanical devices able to shoot spiked chains to hit enemies from distance, and recall them back at will, the kunai gauntlets belong to an age where the Slave Drivers were still experimenting with the deadly tools they equipped the gladiators with to make their battles even more gruesome, and they were soon replaced by other, more perfectioned devices. So our old lady is somewhat one of a kind, being the only human being in the Citadel, to possess such weapons. This makes her the only long range character in the whole cast, with her ability to hit with her chains at distance making up for her lack of projectile attacks. With time she developed an original fighting style with her chains, involving also her feet and legs, making the first fights against her always a surprise. The basics around which her style is build still brings resemblance with the main char's style, though, being their background and their training during youth so similar.

Well... The Grappler
She was the first character I designed. I thought a female grappler could be pretty hard to develope without falling in the R. Mika clone, female wrestler stereotype, so I wanted to focus on her first. I went for what ended to be like a female version of Goro Daimon instead, a big and scary, but peaceful judoka.
I can say I'm pretty bored with all the female characters from videogames looking like aseptic top models, so I decided to draw her as a pretty curvy and plump, but strong, young woman.

The Main Boss
She's the ruler of the Citadel, a Queen reigning on a throne of skull and bones, the same bones who ornate her armor and constitute her deadly claws.

A blue mane decorates her right shoulder, made with the hair of her now dead nemesis Z.


The Beast-like character
The sister of the Queen, she was kidnapped by Z and brutally tortured for a year. Her sister rescued her managing to kill Z, but her mind had been irreparably damaged by the tortures. Now a total psycho, she's forced to wear an iron mask to avoid biting her own flesh.

The... let me guess, the Ninja?
My post-apocalyptic female ninja is basically a vigilant, who belongs to a group of volunteers with the utopistic dream to clean the streets of the Citadel from the scum. The classic Feudal Japan ninja attire is just replaced by her practical (and more useful) bulletproof vest, some protective gear and a fetish spandex suit, and the supreme art of Ninjutsu replaced by a mixture of street fighting and survival. Rad but functional.
As of yet I'm not sure about giving her a proper background or keep the mystery aura going... what I'm sure about is that, after all those talks about stereotypes in videogames, I really wanted my Ninja to be an Afro-American. I just loved the idea, and as I was adding more and more details, she looked more and more badass.


The hard hitting Power Character
She lived almost her entire life in the Citadel. Since she was a little girl she heard around about the "power gauntlets", deadly weapons used by gladiators fighting in a sealed prison's arena. As she was growing up, she became the leader of a gang (later working for the Queen), and she made her technicians build a replica of those gloves. Since they had never seen such things in their life, the gloves they built were no way close to the actual ones. They didn't manage to shoot fire, but they produced little explosions with the impact instead.
While sad at first, she soon discovered that these gauntlets, while totally different from the ones she had always dreamed, were actually lethal weapons of destruction, even deadlier in her hands, since they were enhancing her already devastating punches.

Sexy and deadly
Developing a Femme Fatale character in an all female cast was pretty delicate business, especially since each one of them could fit the archetype, being deadly, and well... female.
I had to make sure she was not only a fearable opponent, but also the most feminine and sexy of the cast. And since I avoided sexualizing too much my characters until now, I'd say she would easily stand out between them like "the n. 1 Lady" without degenerating in the fan service character type.
Donna Campbell was an extremely intelligent and brilliant nurse, with a knowledge and a talent that often outshined the specialists for which she worked.
During the war she was hired as a field nurse, and had to take care of such horrors she ended up insane, and eventually forced in an asylum. She was moved to the Citadel when, trying to escape, she murdered all the staff with just her nails and teeth as weapons.
In the Citadel, she lived as an outcast until she discovered an abandoned hospital. Dressed in her uniform once again, she baits her victims offering them a safe haven to sleep and medications, just to maim their nerves and tendons during their sleep and lobotomyze them to beef up her personal army of slave girls.
As opposed to the Queen, of which she's somewhat a rival, she doesn't seek power, but instead that sense of pleasure she feels inside when she subdue and bends another woman at her will. Her personal army is not meant to gain control to the Citadel, but more to function as defense power for the Hospital and herself.

The Sub-Boss
Moveset wise, the Nemesis of my heroine is meant to be just a more brutal and savage version of her, with a fighting style even more similar than her "palette swap" Crimson. So she must have been bigger, bulkier and stronger than her.
A former gladiator just like Blue and Crimson, she mantains a privileged position in the prison, being the right hand, the ears and the eyes of the Supreme Mistress. Despite this, she's an extremely loyal fighter, as well as being one of the deadliest warriors in the arena. When our heroines escape, she's ordered to leave and search for them in the Citadel, to bring them back alive.
Despite being the canonic Sub-Boss, she has no relationship with the Queen. Actually, it's not even excluded that the two could be in conflict or share some contrast (after all, the Queen's interest is to have every woman at her command, while our Nemesis' mission is to bring our protagonists back).
She's one of the three characters to own a version of the Power Gauntlets (if we exclude the ancient version owned by the "Old Woman"), hence being one of the three zoners of the game, able to shoot fireballs at long range just like her counterpart Blue.
The Fighting Game Archetypes (part 2) by bluerelativity

Check the first part here:…

11) The Dark Side

Being mostly a sub-boss or even a special, unplayable character, he's the "twisted side" of the hero, his corrupted alter ego.
Sometimes only a "what if" character, he represents the main hero after he has fallen to his dark side.
(Evil Ryu, Devil, Devil Jin, Dark Ash, Orochi Kyo and any other "possessed" character in the Kof series)

12) The Anti-Hero
To some extent this category could coincide with the "hero palette swap" character.
But sometimes that's not the case. Maybe because the character has a totally different background from the main character, maybe because he's morally a neutral, if not evil character.
Guile and Sub-Zero are perfect characters to take as example.
The first has all the features to be the perfect "hero" (being de facto more influential than the main character story wise and even becoming the main protagonist of the game in some canon and non canon stories). He just pays his price for not being so iconic as Ryu, or, well, for having come late to the party.
Sub-Zero, instead, was born as an evil character to became neutral and even "good" in his second incarnation (post Bi-Han... namely, from MK2 on).
But even the evil (let's say opportunistic) Bi Han was charismatic and outstanding enough to acquire a legion of fans.
He has got a strong and detailed story by his own, he's got a deeply explored personality, and his relationship with Scorpion makes him a perfect anti-hero, being this one not only his "palette swap" character and polar opposite (frost vs ice), but also his nemesis (we can almost say he's like "Ken and Sagat in one").
While Ryu kept his SF "main character throne", Sub-Zero and Scorpion de facto replaced the "hero" Liu Kang in terms of popularity, leading a parallel plot on their own that most fans consider way better and more interesting than the main story.
Other examples of anti-heroes would be Iori Yagami, Hwoarang and Lei from Tekken, Mitsurugi (after Soul Blade he swaps places with Siegfried, leaving him the "front cover" place from Soul Calibur on) and many others.
P.S.: of course I've always seen Sub-Zero as the anti-hero and Scorpion as his nemesis, but of course my reasoning works also if you swap the two, if you like the Shirai Ryu warror more.
(Guile, Cody, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Jax, Sonya, Rose)

13) The Second Female
This could have been called "The Female Palette Swap" as well. As I said, the youngers between you won't remember this, but there was pretty much only one female in first fighting games (see the "Femme Fatale" section in the first part).
Each game had its own Eve. Then after the "first woman", a second female was added in the next installment. The funny thing is that, while she wasn't intended to be a palette swap, her hair color and her ethnicity was always exactly opposite to the ones of the main lady.
(Cammy, Blue Mary, Kitana, Michelle in the first Tekken, Ryoko from World Heroes 2)

14) The Young Girl (before you ask, yes, includes Schoolgirls and Tomboys)
I pondered a lot about calling this archetype the "Schoolgirl" after so many suggestions from users, but after all there would have been too many characters left behind (Juri Sakazaki and Asuka Kazama amongst the others).
The "Young Girl" seems perfect to include that kind of character, depicted as a naive and kawai little girl, opposed to the over sexualised and mature "main" female character. To some extent it can include also malicious and more cocky characters like Karin and Lili from Tekken, and also tomboys like Makoto and Akira Kazama.
(Sakura, Karin, Ibuki, Xiaoyu, Asuka, Lili, Talim, Xianghua, many others)

15) The Long Ranged Character
I never listed archetypes based on fighting style alone, but many long ranged characters actually had the "long range factor" somewhat explained by their background, so that gave me a lot to think. Either being simply armed with a weapon, or indian yoga masters able to extend their limbs through meditation, or being living genetic experiments, what really matters here is that their creators really tried to put some reason behind their long range capabilities, so I'm here to make their efforts worth by creating a specific archetype just for their pupils. We can safely say all Long Rangers were based on Dhalsim.
(Dhalsim, Necro, Billy and Lilly Kane, Duo Lon, Kilik, Seong Mina)

16) The Small Framed
The Small Frame characters fall down into a different archetype just because of their smaller hitbox being relevant to the point to actually influence the strategy of the opponent.
Being them kids, small girls, little beasts or old men, I remember the small framed characters to be always the reason for intense ragequits back in the days, despite being far from being overpowered characters.
(Viewtiful Joe, Amateratsu, Rocket Raccoon, Roll, Gon, Choi, Chin)

17) The Racial Archetype
Ok, I think there's really no need to explain this category. Street Fighter 2 alone is literally plenty of racial stereotypes. The fat Sumo wrestler from Japan, the savage Brazilian, the Indian yoga master (and let's not even talk about the backgrounds). After that, pretty much each game had one or more racial archetype, with the kind hearted, willing to save his/her land Native American being one of the most abused (maybe on par with the angry afro boxer).
(T Hawk, E Honda, Zangief and the whole SF2 cast, El Fuerte, Michelle and Julia Chang, Chief Thunder and A TON of others)

18) The Agent / The Soldier
Soldiers are pretty popular in video games, and fighting games make no exception. Cops, secret agents, military forces... any fighting game around more or less includes a character that belongs to one of these categories. Their fighting style may be pretty diverse, but they share in common at least some "army based" move sets and often own an arsenal of tools varying from actual weapons to most uncommon devices (Sonya Blade or C Viper).
(Guile, Charlie, Cammy, C Viper, Rolento, Sonya, Jax, Striker, Bryan Fury, Heidern, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern, Whip, Bayman)

19) The Joke Character
This seemed to be a pretty popular topic amongst users here. I had TONS of requests to introduce the Joke Character in the list, and I have to admit I was pretty reluctant since its poor representation around. But still joke characters do exist, so they deserve a place here. The key factor they share in common is basically being funny, unusual, and, well... useless.
(Dan, Doctor Bosconovitch, Norimaro, Bad Box Art Megaman)

20) The Mime
Ok you can try to explain it by making your character a soul devourer, or a master of combat styles, or a... well... wooden puppet who likes to mimic other characters' moves. What really matters here is to distinguish between the "random model" (Mokujin/Olcadan) and the "active model" (Tsung), two different ways to see the "Mime" character, put there to add some challenge and/or diversity in the first case, and some additional "strategy on demand" in the second one.
(Mokujin, Shank Tsung, Chameleon, Olcadan/Edge Master, Kilik in SC5)

Other archetypes left behind for reasons I'll explain later:

21) The Pet Character
(Nakoruru, Carl Clover, Ms. Fortune, Eddie from GG, Z.W.E.I.)

22) The Self-Empowering Character
(Bo Rai Cho, Chin, Hakan)

23) The Female Duo
(Mature & Vice, Juni & Juli, Nina & Anna)

24) The Boxer
(Balrog, Dudley, Michael Max, Heavy D, TJ Combo, a TON of others)

25) The Dancer
(Sinclair, Elena, Eddy Gordo, Christie Monteiro, Zafina)


I work as a graphic designer, and, in my spare time, I work as a freelance illustrator under the name I-24.
This page is meant to experiment with clean and polished styles (mostly vector art), and focuses mostly on personal work.
To see what I-24 is about, visit this page:

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